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Their team of experts in naturopathy, personal training, osteopathy, massotherapy, and much more, strive to help as many individuals as possible.  They seek to help in all aspects of health; physical, emotional, mental, nutritional and even spiritual.   

Caballus is not just a team of professionals, they are a family.  The main purpose is to treat every person accordingly and respectfully, while at the same time making them feel right at home.


On September 13 , 2013, Anthony Borsellino founded Caballus, a Montreal based company focused in helping people discover wellness through the use of alternative medicine and treatment. 

It's founder, Anthony, began his journey as a fitness trainer in the basement of his parent's home at the young age of 19. Realizing his passion for helping people early-on, he decided to quit university and focus full time in becoming a naturopath. Anthony and the professional team at Caballus embarked on a journey that may seem easy, but does come with a lot ups and downs. Although they kept in mind mind that "a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link" as this is just as important for the team, as it is as for their clients. 

The success of Caballus lies not only in one person, but a team, a unit, a family. This great group of passionate individuals with their beliefs that this concept works, is what drives Caballus to push further passed the boundaries.  Each and every one has a past, but embarking on this journey, although with burden or baggage, it is the people surrounding us who help us exceed our own expectations.  Most importantly, we surpass those expectations for our clients, as we continuously strive to better ourselves each and every single day.  December 2016 marked the start of a new chapter for Caballus, which has only been the beginning for future endeavors, as there is continuous growth within the centre.  

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We are driven professionals who have successfully accomplished our goals and dreams. We strive to constantly learn, both theory and practical. Our team of professionals demonstrate a great deal of excellence and respect towards our clients. Our goal is to provide as many professional natural health services under one roof.

4600 des Grandes Prairies,

Saint-Leonard, Qc., H1R 1A1

Tel: 514-791-7332

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