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About Our Team


Anthony Borsellino, N.D., Author

-Owner & Founder of Caballus since 2013



-BioSignature 2

-Registered as Top Naturopath with The International Association of Healthcare Professionals (see affiliate's page)

Anthony opened his center December 2016, with the intentions of building a team that is willing to, not only help their clients, but build each other as a unit, making each team member better in every aspect.  At a young age, Anthony brings a significant and impressive amount of knowledge to the industry.  Not only did he start being a professional Strength Coach at an early age, he has been training since the age of 15, and has been learning ever since.  His first certificate as a strength coach was with the ISSA, as he now is a performance coach with one of the best organizations in his field, Poliquin Group, certified level 2 PICP coach and level 2 Bio-Signature Practitioner.  His experience with sports is outstanding: he has played hockey since the age of 3, and started coaching elite players, winning a championship in his debut.  He is also an experienced soccer player, having played competitively for 10 years.  With Anthony's knowledge, he can bring athletes to their next level, making them stronger and faster, teaching them the proper way to eat before and after their sport, as well as throughout their everyday lives. Anthony also works with the energies of the body.

Though he is officially licensed as a Strength Coach, Anthony does not only cater to athletes. He also trains individuals who are simply looking to become or stay fit. 


Fabbiano Galuppo



Terri Cappellano

-Certified Personal Trainer with ISSA

As a certified personal trainer, and a mother of 3 beautiful girls, Terri grew a passion for weight training and nutritional guidance. With an athletic background, where she did gymnastics most of her life, ran track and field and also played softball for most of her teen age life. At the age of 18, Terri started working out at the gym following personal trainers and nutritionists. Today, understanding what it takes to be a personal trainer, she strives to ensure that her clients achieve the best results by catering to their needs and pushing them working hard.


Renite Joseph

-Dental Hygienist by trade

-Personal Trainer





Terry Cianni

-Certified personal trainer with ISSA

Terry has been a coach/trainer since 1986 and has worked with many individual clients and teams (mainly Soccer) over the years.  To further improve her knowledge, Terry obtained a certification by The International Sports Sciences Association as a Certified Personal Trainer. This certification is one of the more prestigious in the industry and it qualifies Terry to work with virtually any individual or team wishing to improve their fitness.

Terry has an in-depth experience with virtually every form of exercise but her clients say that her greatest asset is her ability to motivate.

Her mission is to provide men and women of all ages with customized personal training and workouts, regular fitness evaluations and result-driven motivation. Terry embarked on joining Caballus team and also partners with other specialized trainers to bring the best knowledge and training to her clients.

With Terry's passion and drive, she strives to always be the best example towards her clients. One of Terry's main focus is to show her clients how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Chris Simeone_edited.jpg

Christopher Simeone

-SEL certified 

-Laughter Yoga Teacher

-Heart and Stroke Foundation Instructor

-Special Care Counsellor

Mario Armenti_edited.jpg

Mario Armenti

-Reiki Master 

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Karate Sunfuki

-Karate school 

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