I embarked on a body and mind transformation this year.

Turning 50 presented new challenges both physically and emotionally.


I was very skeptical about working out at a GYM with a private trainer, my past gym experiences have not been productive.


Well all of that changed when I met Anthony Borsellino at Caballus.


A skilled trainer and N.D. he has provided exactly what I need.

Anthony is skilled in what he does and offers the personalized service which produces results.

The caring factor is an added bonus.  If you accidently pull a muscle during a workout, Anthony is skilled to care for it on the spot.


He has made a believer in me when it pertains to simple working out methods and  supplements. 


Caballus has become a great addition to my workout philosophy.  It’s not only a gym,  it’s a place that provides Body, mind and soul conditioning.


PS... and laughter is always part of the workout!  


thank you Anthony.



Dear social media platform; I feel as though I need to share my secret with all of you. With it only being 3 weeks into my new programs (started August 13, 2017), I have seen absolutely incredible results in my body. I would like to take time to give recognition where it is needed!! With the support , guidelines, and tools of Andrew Warnke & Anthony Borsellino. My body is final starting to adhere and function in a "normal" way. The professional input, programs, support , and intelligence that these two men combined have is absolutely astonishing! This is only the beginning of my journey but already I am; down 7lbs on the scale , normal sleeping habits , less anxiousness, no more feeling bloated, less inflammation, more energy, regular eating habits (no crazy starving diet) , less/NO shoulder pain, and feeling so much more toned/stronger. This only the beginning for me. If ANYONE is looking to TRULY change their lives, and are willing to put the work in, these two men come with my highest recommendations ! Truly a life changing duo ! 

~Samm Hunter~


Anthony is the real deal, we highly recommend him. He will push you beyond your mental and physical limits. There's no question that Anthony knows exactly how to train you to get the most out of your workout. Not only does he come up with amazing workouts during his bootcamp sessions, he also knows how to deal with any different injuries or sensitivities you might have.

He has a wonderful personality, he is always very professional, motivating and patient, at least with the four girls like us that he has to train!


Our journey started March 2017 and we plan on continuing working out with him for a while longer!  Thank you Anthony for always pushing us and for being there when we needed something.

~The soccer ladies, Sept. 2017~


Before visiting Anthony for a Gua Sha therapy, I wasn't sleeping properly due to shoulder discomfort... after the Gua Sha I feel a thousand times better and I can finally get a good nights sleep.. I 100% recommend seeing Anthony and follow his advice, as well as everything else Caballus has to offer. Trust me you won't be disappointed!!

~Valentina Caruso, Oct. 17, 2017~


Anthony has embarked me on a wonderful programme, changing many of my life habits. At first, I must admit that I bitched and moaned but I have now adapted quite well and the results are amazing. When I arrived in Montreal, on 7 November, I weighed 127.19 kgs. Today, 23 January, I weigh 112.7 Kgs. 14.5 kgs lost! The beauty of this system is that I have no cravings, am not at all hungry and don't feel weak. Thank you Anthony! And thank you, my son Ali El Farouk, for organizing all this for me!



Great Naturopath and trainer, uses new advanced techniques that most trainers haven't even heard of. Very highly recommended.


I have been struggling with some discomfort in the lower part of my body for a while. It took a session of Neurotherapy with Anthony Borsellino and I left feeling amazing! All my discomfort was gone🙏 and it also helped me manage my anxiety better. I felt so serene and painless!🙌🏼

If you suffer with any discomfort he is the man you should go see. You won't regret it!

Thank you so much Anthony!

Oh and I got a box of black healthy coffee Organo! ☕️ It's delicious! 👌🏼

~Leticia Nieto-Parcks, March 28, 2018~

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