I'm Healthy, No Worries!

In today's quick pace lifestyle, proper eating has been neglected. We think we are healthy since we have no apparent sicknesses, but we do not actually partake in a healthy lifestyle. We chew our food too quickly, we take part in negative emotional eating habits, eat on the go, eat in the car, eat junk food and fast food, drink sodas, intake sugar after sugar, load up on coffee for a pick-me-upper... It never ends! We never take the time to just sit back and enjoy a nutritious meal, yet most people put their focus and energy on having a slim appearance thinking that it defines good health. Did you know that chewing slowly actually reduces your caloric intake by 11 calories?

This article is simply meant to reiterate the importance of healthy eating habits, because as it seems, many people just think they can get by, like just going to the gym for example, but not having a proper diet, rather lifestyle, in check.

I would just like to clarify that diet and lifestyle are two different things. A diet only lasts for a short period of time and normally used to cleanse the body. Whereas a lifestyle is geared to change your habits, while developing something that is concrete making it a part of who you are. It is important to note that we are 90% bacteria and 10% DNA. Therefore, if the good bacteria are altered in our body due to increased stress, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, lack of water, and high levels of toxicity, then we will have a poor gut leading to conditions like autoimmune diseases, "Leaky Gut", Metabolic X Syndrome, diabetes, thyroid problems, systemic inflammation, etc. Most people do not associate a poor gut with arthritis, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, or many other conditions, but it has been shown through research that there is a link. This is why it is critical to eat as healthy as possible so that we can nourish the good bacteria and the rest of the gut so that we lower our chances of developing diseases. The problem with us humans is that we live to eat rather than eat to live, or to simply fuel our body.

So why should you actually try and eat healthy?

1) Healthy eating promotes a healthy immune system; helping you fight off any foreign bacteria or viruses. Some forms of cancers are also minimized or eliminated when eating a clean and completely sugar free restricted diet.

2) When eating healthy, you get the vitamins and minerals you need from the various food sources. Although our food sources do not contain half the nutrients as they did years ago, striving for fruits, vegetables and good quality protein sources are still much more beneficial than fast food or junk food.

3) Quality protein sources and adequate vegetables consumption, can maintain one's muscle structure and tissues. Our DNA, bones, muscles, tissues, organs, detox phases, hair, all need protein to function optimally.

4) Healthy eating stabilizes our blood sugar. Eating sources like protein, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, can maintain one's sugar levels and not allow the person to feel tired or mentally foggy. Eating small amounts of food more frequent throughout the day can also help keep one's sugar balanced.

5) Healthy eating keeps us emotionally stable. We eat our emotions! 75% of overeating is due to emotions. When we are stressed, we look for something sweet to give us a boost of energy from feeling down or sad. When we are extremely stressed, we crave salty foods because our electrolytes are being depleted and our cells are not being properly nourished. The quick fix is always striving for either sugar or salt. Interestingly, eating various sources of foods in relations to their colour, relate to different aspects in one's life. This brings us to energy healing, chakras. Although complex, but very straight forward, every food colour relates to a different chakra or different emotion we are feeling in the moment or sometimes even lacking. For example, our ROOT chakra, which is our first chakra from the pelvis down, is the chakra in which we feel grounded. The colour relating to the ROOT chakra is red; red meat, red onions, red peppers, tomatoes, etc. Anything red. Other colours such as orange which is our sacral, or sex, chakra helps stimulate creativity particularly if someone is lacking creativity in their life. Of course, this topic goes beyond the scope of this article, but they were enlisted to give a different perspective on healthy eating choices in regards to our own energies and emotions.

When you choose to eat healthy, make sure your choices are organic, grass-fed, freshly picked and of the season to reap the most benefits you can get out of the food sources you are eating. Selecting these types of products also eliminates the amount of toxins that enter your body. If there is one thing to retain after all of this, is don't count calories, just eat clean!

There may not be many people that decide to change their lifestyle or eating habits, especially if this has been a habit for years now, but if you can, just think of any issues you have that may be troubling you. It can be arthritis, lower back pain, systemic inflammation, eczema, hair loss, insomnia, headaches, decreased libido, low testosterone, high estrogen, or even too much overall toxicity. Ask yourself, if you do have any of these issues, wouldn't it feel splendid to know that have the ability to change your lifestyle or eating habits for the better? In a way to create a more positive environment in and out of your body so you can benefit from a healthier life?

For more information and details on what type of foods are beneficial for you specifically, message or email me, and I'll gladly assist you.

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