What is a disease/sickness?

Many people will have a different view on how to treat a disease. Here, Anthony demonstrates his view on what a disease is.

We perceive disease/sickness/illnesses as the enemy to the body. In fact, this is the complete opposite. A disease is implemented in the body in order to protect us from any foreign body that is not accepted by our organs and insides.

Being sick is a natural state of the human body in which an illness, such as the fever, elevates our body temperature to increase the elimination of toxins. The main purpose of any type of disease or sickness is to advise us that there is something abnormal that needs to be evacuated immediately, before any other problem persists and becomes hazardous. Diseases are noticed through different symptoms, as they are eye openers for the body to commence healing.

On a side note, our symptoms need to be attended right away before the problems progress. As such, symptoms are seen as the cause or problem that makes us sick, but in fact, these symptoms are there to not only advise the body there is an abnormality, as it will start battling the foreign bodies in order to protect itself from being further harmed.

We have to understand, that an illness is a type of cure itself, which is there to get rid of abnormal foreigners in the body. An infection or disease will always heal itself; therefore we should not interfere with the natural laws by giving a patient medication. Some medication may actually do more harm and create other problems in the body. Most of the time, medications are just there to suppress any sickness and does not actually cure the problem. This is why we must let our body heal itself. Once the body identifies the illness, the body will understand that it may be hazardous and can be very destructive, in which the body must deal with the issue right away.

On the contrary, we must leave the sickness in the body in order to be cured naturally. At birth we are given vaccinations (which will be discussed in the future) even though we are not even sick. These vaccinations are filled with anti-bodies to help combat sickness. Here's one way of looking at a vaccine, and of course my view, if there is no illness yet in the body, then these anti-bodies will sit there waiting for an infection to happen and in-turn will do more damage because it is creating energy when it doesn’t need to. As well, it taxes the liver 3-4 times more, as the liver is still premature up until the age of 3. Hence why this actually creates more problems for the future.

Therefore, let the natural laws of the body take its place and heal properly. If we keep ingesting our bodies with medication and non-sense treatments, it will take our bodies much longer to heal because we keep suppressing the problem, which means not making the body work to get rid of the main cause. Or we simply just create other problems when given medications as the medication may heal one part of the body but be destructive to other parts of the body.

There are many people who suffer from headaches and migraines as they take Tylenol or Advil to get rid or suppress the pain. In my opinion, let the pain take control and drink a ton of water while taking multi-vitamins and Vitamin D3 to eliminate the toxins in the body. The headache may not be stemmed in the brain, but rather there could be a problem with the liver as it cannot detoxify the body properly.

Let the body heal on its own or if there is really a need to help the cause, do it naturally and try as much as possible to stay away from medications as they will just make the problems worse.


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